“…nuclear energy has recently exposed its extreme weakness, and catastrophic power. Many of you have expressed, as I have, discontent with the terrible nuclear disaster in Japan. As the great people of Japan rebuild, they, and the International community must ask this one fundamental question, “Can we continue using this kind of energy?” Well, I must logically say that nuclear energy is a highly efficient form of power; hence, we must also look at its extreme danger as well. My conclusion on this subject is both simple, and extremely complex.

We must explore the scientific possibilities of housing the intense power of volcanoes, and underground chambers, to fuel the world’s cities, towns, and industries. I am currently commutating with many mathematicians, scientists, and engineers globally. We must now look to the future of this world as one, and collectively harness the earth as its own amazing massive generator. Join us with this quest for peace, prosperity, and natural safe energy. With this revolutionary concept, we can safely fuel ourselves indefinitely, until the end of time.” – Johnny Luckett

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